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Library management in Eagle

So after a bit of furious work in Eagle laying out the SplashTag I decided I wanted to tidy up some of the libraries we had been working with. Carl had added an unrelated device to our library to make use of its PCB footprint, but considering that was all we wanted I thought we should remove the unneeded schematic part from the library. Now as with most things in Eagle, its possible, but not always immediately obvious. So this is how to if you’re struggling too.

  • Start Eagle, and open the library with the part you wish to remove.
  • Open any “device” (Button next to the print icon on the toolbar) from the library for editing.
  • Now go to the Library menu and hit the remove option and type in the name of the device you actually wish to delete.
  • Hit ok, and yes if you’re sure. Now the device has been deleted, leaving the Package and Symbol
  • To remove the Schematic Symbol as well, open up any Symbol  and again go to the Library menu. Hit the remove option and type the Symbol name in.
  • That’s it!

The subtlety here is actually opening a part from the library first. If you try using the remove option without opening a part from the library Eagle will throw you a “not found” error.

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