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SplashTag Arm & DSP Jtag Prototype Works

A very busy few weeks at SolderSplash Labs!

Our blank PCBs for the SplashTag have arrived and Rob got the chance to test out our new toaster reflow oven. For small batches and prototypes it’s ideal and gives a more professional finish versus hand soldering. To control the oven Rob threw together a simple set point controller using the DAC output of a ST32F100 M0, a AD8495ARMZ and a thermocouple. To program the STM32 we used CooCox, it’s the first time we have had a chance to use it properly and we are quite impressed!

To verify the oven was being controlled as intended we used an independent temperature logger.  As you can see from the graph above actual temperature is tracking our demand, matching what is needed to re-flow our PCBs.

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