SplashBase Live Tweet Control

Currently the live feed/control is off.

I’m handing over control of a SplashBase in my home to the world! Want a SplashBase Dev Board? Our shop will be online soon, register your interest here

The controls are quite simple, using twitter send a tweet containing #SplashBase with one of the following or combination of these key words :

  • Relay1On , Relay1Off , Relay2On , Relay2Off , Relay3On , Relay3Off , Relay4On , Relay4Off
  • Red, Green, Blue, Cycle

Cycle will start the LED strip fading constantly around the RGB colours. A Red, Green & Blue command sets that colour and leaves it static. Last tweet wins.

Then watch the live video feed, after a few seconds you will see the SplashBase react to your tweet.

This is being achieved with Node.JS parsing a twitter stream instead of polling with a search. So the response time is impressive, for me, for viewers UStream’s buffer then adds latency. Node.JS then sends a UDP message to the SplashBase and then the magic happens!

Commands : Relay1On , Relay1Off, Relay2On , Relay2Off, Relay3On , Relay3Off, Relay4On , Relay4Off, Red, Green, Blue, Cycle

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