DipCortex ARM Cortex M0 LPC11U24

DipCortex M0

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LPC11U24 ARM Cortex M0 breakout board.

In a handy 40 pin DIP package. Great for bread boarding or quick prototyping.

Can be supplied with or with out the headers fitted.

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Product Description


DipCortex M0

LPC11U24 ARM Cortex M0 breakout board. Check out the Project Page.

A 32bit microcontroller aimed at replacing existing 8/16bit Micro controller applications.

  • Operates at up to 48MHz
  • 32kB Flash
  • 8kB SRAM
  • 4kB Eeprom
  • USB 2 Full Speed – With USB stack in ROM not taking up flash space.
  • USB Bootloader – Drag and drop re-programming
  • 7 Channel 10bit ADC
  • USART – Serial Communication
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • A standard 10way ARM Cortex Jtag header can be used for code  debugging, Please note : SplashTag is currently not supported as M0’s use SWD (Single Wire Debug)


RoHS – Lead Free


The DipCortex range is proud to be ARM mbed enabled, enabling rapid development

SolderSplash + ARM mbed

There is also a standard 10way jtag header for offline debugging support with LPCxpresso and other IDE’s.

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