WiFi DipCortex – ARM Cortex Development Board

WiFi DipCortex is a simple but powerful WiFi connected development board enabling you to create connected devices quickly and easily. It uses a NXP ARM Cortex M3 LPC1347 and a TI SimpleLink CC3000MOD in a tiny 40pin DIP package.

WiFi DipCortex CC3000MOD


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LPC1347 Cortex M3

  • LPC1347 ARM Cortex M3
  • Up to 72MHz Clock
  • 64kB Flash
  • 12kB SRAM
  • 4kB Eeprom
  • 12bit ADC – 7 Channel
  • USB 2 Full Speed – With USB stack in ROM
  • UART
  • I2C Bus
  • SPI Bus
CC3000MOD WiFi Radio

  • 802.11b/g 2.4GHz
  • WEP, WPA and WPA2
  • Reusable regulatory approvals for FCC, IC and ETSI
  • Open source TI control stack
  • Unique smartphone configuration
  • Embedded IPv4 Stack
  • Low power shutdown
  • Profile storage, allowing fast connection to known access points
  • DNS & mDNS built in


The WiFi DipCortex is the heart of your next WiFi connected product enabling you to create connected sensors, intelligent controls, smart displays or anything you can imagine.

The CC3000 WiFi module driver has been ported to the WiFi DipCortex’s NXP processor and an example that exercises the module will be found on our GitHub page (Very soon). This example will show you how to :

  • Connect to a network manually
  • Trigger smart connect to pass the connection details via smartphone
  • Use DHCP to retrieve an IP, Gateway, DNS and Subnet mask
  • Specify a static IP address
  • Listen and send UDP/TCP packets
  • Retrieve the date from an NTP server
  • HTTP put data to web server, such as Xively
  • HTTP get data from a web server
  • USB CDC ( Virtual Com Port ) to manually control via putty/serial terminal

Updating the WiFi DipCortex’s code is easy and can be done by holding the boot button while plugging in USB, it appears as a removable drive and you simply drag and drop your new firmware on to it.

The CC3000 module has its own built-in firmware, we have updated this to version 1.19, the latest service pack from TI. This requires host firmware driver version 13, which we use in our GitHub example.

Power Consumption

For battery backed operations it would make sense to power up the CC3000 module send or check for data and then power it off. The module can connect in around a second to a previously used access point. Using a static IP it is then ready to go, a dynamic IP can take a few more seconds more to obtain.

  • Sleep, less than 1mA at 5V
  • Wifi Active, Average 120mA at 5V


CC3000 comes Pre-Certified by TI for FCC, ETSI, IC and CE. TI detail reuse of their certification here

Pin Out

WiFi DipCortex PinOut SolderSplash Labs

Guides – Software Development

The WiFi DipCortex has a standard 10way debug header with the SWD pins connected. A variety of IDE’s and compilers can be used to create code for the DipCortex, IAR, Keil, CodeRed, LPCXpresso and GCC.

LPCXpresso is a free option specifically for the NXP Lpc range.

How to use the LPC Pins as GPIO – General Purpose IO

Getting started with mbed on the Wifi DipCortex – Various examples including USB CDC, HTTP, TCP, UDP, Websocket and more.

Compiled mbed DipCortex Kitchen Sink demo – Pre-compiled example firmware using mbed

Pulse Width Modulation – Using the DipCortex’s timers to create PWM outputs

Low Power – Detailing the DipCortex low power modes

Customised version for your product

If you would like your own version of the WiFi DipCortex for a product you are designing, contact us and see if we can help.


TI CC3000 Wiki
Smart Config Apps From TI
CC3000 Doxygen API From TI

LPC11U24/401 – ARM Cortex M0 NXP Datasheet, Details the pins of the M0 and their functions
LPC1347 – ARM Cortex M3 NXP Datasheet, Details the pins of the M0 and their functions
LPC11U User Manual – Details the registers to use for each peripheral
LPC1347 User Manual – Details the registers to use for each peripheral

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