SplashTag ARM & DSP Jtag

The SplashTag is our own spin on the TI XDS100V2, which we have adapted to create an affordable multi functional tool.

SplashTag XDS100v2 ARM Cortex Jtag


The SplashTag Jtag debugger lets you program and debug a wide range of micro controllers using the standard 20pin ARM header. It also acts as a USB to UART/Serial device letting you debug your device while also streaming serial data to your PC.

  • Flash and Debug ARM7, ARM M0, ARM M3, ARM M4, Cortex A8, Cortex A9
  • SWD Support coming soon
  • Flash and Debug TI 28x DSPs
  • Will program Xilinx CPLDs and possibly others using .SVF and .XSVF files
  • 1.8v and 3.3v Target voltage with automatic target voltage sensing
  • Target adapters available to convert between the standard 20Pin arm to 10pin ARM and 14pin TI DSP


To increase the number of devices the SplashTag can be used with we provide 2 Adapters :

  • 20 Pin ARM Jtag to 10 Pin ARM Jtag
  • 20 Pin ARM Jtag to 14 Pin TI Jtag

Supported Devices

Just about every programmable embedded device has a JTAG connection of some sort, connection pin out standards do vary though so you may need an adapter to support your device. One good way to tell if the SplashTag will support your device is to first check which Jtag/debuggers your selected IDE supports. The SplashTag utilises the FTDI2232H chip present in many JTAGs so is widely supported. ARM have standardised their JTAG port IO so almost all ARM devices should be compatible.

We use the SplashTag ourself with the following devices :

  • TI LM3S6x – Rowley Crossworks, Code Composer Studio v5 and latest v4
  • TI DSPs 28x
  • Atmel SAM7x – Rowley Crossworks
  • + Lots more

Pin Out



The Xilinx CPLD on the SplashTag can be updated with new firmware to change it’s operation.


SplashTag Toolbox – Gives you complete control of the SplashTag. Enabling you to update it’s CPLD and change it’s behaviour. This also reconfigures the UART port for external CPLD programming increasing the flexibility of the SplashTag.

Compatible IDEs

  • TI Code Composer Studio – Select XDS100v2
  • CooCox – Adjust the PID and select CoLink
  • Rowley CrossWorks  – Select XDS100 and change the JTAG clock divider to 3
  • OpenOCD – Select XDS100v2

Required Hardware / Tools

  • USB A to USB Mini B Lead


TI XDS100 Wiki


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