SplashPixel RGB Led Panel

Work In Progress : The SplashPixel board is in development so this page will be updated/tweaked as we go. For more details see our blog

SplashPixel gives you control of 16 LEDs full colour RGB LEDs per board. It’s modular design means multiple boards can be stacked up to produce large colour controllable surfaces. Unlike other matrix LED panel designs all 16 LEDs are independently controllable and can be on at the same time, giving you a higher possible brightness.

Combine the SplashPixel with a SplashLight and you have a network controlled RGB panel!


  • 16 High Brightness RGB LEDs. Upto 30mA per LED, 90mA per RGB
  • Small efficient switch mode power supply circuit on each SplashPixel board
  • SPI communication for control and monitoring

Examples of use

  • Message board
  • Visual effects in time with sound
  • Ambient lighting
  • Many many others!


Eagle schematic download + description of the circuit + datasheet links.

SolderSplash TLC5947 – Eagle library file containing TLC5947 footprint

TI LED Driver IC : TLC5947

Hardware / PCB Layout

Description of the layout and connections

SplashPixel Sketchup 3D Board – 1000:1 Scale, created with EagleUp




See the SplashPixel board in action.



Required Hardware / Tools





Are you using a SplashPixel board, lets us know and we will link to your project!


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