SplashLight Dev Board

SplashLight was our initial prototype, we have now improved and evolved the functionality in to a development board called SplashBase. This has removable relays to allow for greater flexibility. Head over to the product page here

SplashLight Prototype

The SplashLight Development board lets you switch anything on/off from your iphone or android phone. The SplashLight hardware is an open design which means you can write your own code to run on it! To get you started, or if you don’t want to write any code, the board comes pre-programmed to work with the PC, iPhone & Android applications below.


  • Switch 4 external devices On/Off
  • RGB Colour control LED lights
  • PWM control up to 3 fans or motors
  • Configurable PWM freq/duty
  • Network connection, (TCP/IP Stack with DHCP client)
  • Webserver
  • Android Application
  • iPhone Application
  • PC Application
  • Powered from a single 12v DC supply

Examples of use

  • Garden lighting
  • Ambient room lighting
  • Sprinkler control
  • Fan Controller
  • Industrial Control
  • Home Heating & ventilation control


Eagle schematic download + description of the circuit + datasheet links.

TI LM3S6432 – TI Arm Cortex M3 MCU
25AA02E48 – 2k SPI Eeprom with Unique MAC address

Hardware / PCB Layout

Description of the layout and connections

3D sketchup model download


Download firmware for your SplashLight Board

Flash using Code Composer V4 + ICDI or Serial bootloader


The SplashLight board uses a simple protocol over UDP designed to be very lightweight. To show off its capability’s we have put together applications for PC, iPhone and Android.

PC App

Written in C# the PC application lets you control multiple SplashLight boards over your ethernet network. All 4 relays can be controlled and the 3 PWM outputs are used manually or in Colour mode.

Present colour modes are used to :

  • Fade between 2 selected colours
  • Fade between 2 random colours
  • Automatically fade between from Red to Green to Blue (And all the colours between)
  • Show your selected static colour

The fade options can also be customised by choosing the number of steps between the colour and duration in time of each step.

Splash Light PC App Alpha

Splash Light PC App Alpha

Android App


iPhone App



See the SplashLight development board in action.



Required Hardware / Tools

To power the board a single 12v DC power supply is required. The required current rating of the DC supply depends on the current of the devices attached to the SplashLight.

At 12v the SplashLight uses 130mA with all 4 relays activated (Closed) and connected to the network. With the relays open it uses 70mA. Be aware that this will obviously increase if you are supplying power to an external device via the PWM connector.

Reprogramming the board can be performed via the built-in serial boot loader using a USB to serial device. Alternatively a standard 10 pin Jtag connection is available.


Have an idea on how to improve the SplashLight? Got a new application for it? Wish it did something? Contact us on twitter @SolderSplashLab or Email : Carl -@- soldersplash.co.uk (Remove spaces and hyphens)


Are you using a SplashLight board, lets us know and we will link to your project!


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