SplashBase PC Application – Locate and Control

Using the example firmware the SplashBase dev kit can be controlled by a PC over your local network with our Locate and Control PC application. It allows you to easily locate the SplashBase on your home network, letting you control and configure it.

SplashBase PC Application


  • Configure network connection settings, IP Address, Subnet, Gateway or just leave it set to dynamic and it should work on most networks just fine!
  • Set up the Internet NTP server, used by the SplashBase to update it’s software clock
  • Adjust the software clock by half hour increments. So you can adjust the soft clock to your timezone
  • Enable/Disable User GPIO Initialisation – The user can specify what direction and output level (high/low) to initialise the GPIO ports to upon boot up.
  • Enable/Disable Four Relay SolderBridge – This is currently the only SolderBridge that doesnt use a communication bus. So the SplashBase has to be told it is there.
  • Enable/Disable PWM & RGB PWM Control – The PWM can be used in RGB mode to control RGB rope lights.
  • Enable/Disable Logic – Coming Soon – Ability the set up Conditions and the Actions to take.
  • List Attached SolderBridges – Show all of the attached SolderBridges

RGB Colour Control

Control the SplashBase PWM Output manually or use three outputs to select a colour when controlling an RGB Led or LED Strip, like the Ikea Dioder.

SplashBase RGB PWM Control

GPIO Control

All of the general purpose inputs and outputs of the SplashBase and connected GPIO expanders can be controlled via the network. As well as setting the power up port direction and pin level.

SplashBase GPIO PC Control


Requires .Net 3.5 (If your PC is up to date it should already have this installed)

Tested on Windows 7 64 & 32bit

SplashBase Locate & Control PC v1.0.3 – Beta

Requires SplashBase Firmware v0.9

Please be aware this is in active development and at a beta stage, logic functionality is currently not included, but will be very soon.


Please use the forum to ask questions or inform us of issues.

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