SplashBase – ARM Cortex M3 Development Board

The SplashBase Development board is the base of a modular development board system that enables remote control and monitoring over your home network. It has ability to be expanded by stacking SolderBridges on top opening up a world of possible applications.

SplashBase LM3S – With Relay SolderBridge

For enthusiasts, diy-ers, makers and people who want to use it as it is

You get a very easy to use, logical development board where you can set up conditions for actions to occur or just turn devices on and off around your home using the Relay Add-On board. Setup is as easy as plugging it in to your network. The applications supplied will find it on your home network and let you give it a name. So no worrying about IP addresses or configuring the network settings if you don’t want to.

The SplashBase comes with an ethernet boot loader allowing code updates over a network by holding the boot button down while applying power. Letting you experiment with new firmware from us or the community.

For advanced users and engineers

The SplashBase has 2 Uarts, SPI, I2C, PWM, ADCs and more. It can also act as a Serial to TCP server for extending control of legacy devices over a network. To develop your own code you can use Code Composer Studio, an IDE provided by Texas Instruments that can be downloaded from their website. Combined with the TI’s Stellarisware library it makes it a very easy platform to pick up and get going with.

Using an XDS100 based jtag with the SplashBase code composer is free and has no code size limit. For this reason we created our own version of the XDS called SplashTag. Another free IDE/Toolchain alternative to Code Composer is the excellent CooCox, which supports the XDS100 and many other Jtag types.


  • RGB Colour control LED lights
  • 5 PWM
  • 3 ADC input channels
  • Configurable PWM freq/duty
  • Network connection, (TCP/IP Stack with DHCP client)
  • Android Application – coming soon
  • iPhone Application – coming soon
  • PC Application
  • USB Controlable
  • Powered from a single 12v DC supply or USB powered (If not using a Relay SolderBridge)


To expand the SplashBase functionality SolderBridges are stacked on top. Our first is a Four Relay SolderBridge.

SplashBase with Relay SolderBridge

SplashBridges coming soon are :

Some of these SolderBridges can also be used standalone without a baseboard.

Where do you get one?

From our shop Buy Now

Examples of use

  • Door Alarm/Control
  • Garden lighting
  • Ambient room lighting
  • Sprinkler control
  • Fan Controller
  • Industrial Control
  • Home Heating & ventilation control
  • and many many more..

What about wifi?

The SplashBase is designed to be plugged in to your wired network, to enable wireless control with your mobile device you will need a wireless access point or router on your network.

Wireless Bridge – TL-WR702N

If you want to place the SplashBase somewhere with out access to a wired network you can use a cheap Ethernet to Wireless bridge, like the  TP Link TL-WR702N. Configure it to connect to your WIFI and connect it’s Ethernet port directly to the SplashBase.


USB Serial Commands and instructions
How To – Update The SplashBase Firmware
TI LM3S6432 – TI Arm Cortex M3 MCU Datasheet
25AA02E48 – 2k SPI Eeprom with Unique MAC address Datasheet


PC Application
Android App
SplashBase User Guide

Firmware Update – V0.10 – Use LM Flash Programmer to boot load your SplashBase over the network, instructions are here

Coming Soon – Sample Code


Future – Enabling the “Internet of Things”

Currently all of the control is via your home network. To expand the SplashBase further and allow control/monitoring over the internet we are working on Cosm integration. Cosm is a service that collects data from devices and graphs it for you. It also provides an API letting you write your own interface to the data sent to Cosm. For instance when then the temperature rises above a theshold you can get Cosm to tweet you.

We have a SplashBase logging analog data to Cosm on demand and we will build upon this in future firmware releases.


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