9 Degrees of Freedom IMU SolderBridge

The 9DOF SolderBridge is in development and this page will be updated as we progress thorough setting to work of the prototype.

The 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU SolderBridge combines the data from four digital MEMs sensors, 3 axis Accelerometer, 3 axis Gryo, 3 axis Magnotometer and a barometer to create an inertial measurement unit (IMU). Useful for Vehicles, Robots, Uav’s and many other applications. Each sensor helps you complete a picture of an objects orientation, acceleration, height and ambient temperature.

IMU SolderBridge

On board is a low power LPC11u24 ARM cortex M0, this collects all of the data from each sensor and provides it in an easy to use format over the USB or SPI connections. Also by attaching an external GPS module to the UART and power pins you can have the SolderBridge add position and time to the sensor output.

What is a SolderBridge

It’s our name for a board that stacks on top of a SplashBase, many of them can even operate as stand-alone boards and control other SolderBridges making them very flexible tools. The 0-10v SolderBridge communicates to the base board via SPI allowing up to 5 SPI SolderBridges to be used at one time. It also has the ability to become the Master of the bus and control the chip select lines for use without a SplashBase.

Where do you get one?

Register your interest to buy this SolderBridge


  • Barometer – MPL115A2 – Absolute pressure sensor, 50kPa to 115 kPa – ±1kPa Accuracy & 10bit Temperature sensor
  • Accelerometer- MMA8452Q – Three-axis MEMs, 14bit Resolution over ±2g/±4g/±8g
  • Gryo – ITG-3200 – Three-axis Gryo, ±2000°/sec
  • Magnotometer – MAG3110 – Full-scale range ±1000 μT, Sensitivity of 0.10 μT, 80Hz data rate
  • 4kb Eeprom – Inside the Cortex M0
  • 6 protected inputs, can be used for RPM measurement


  • Download the free LpcXpresso IDE here
  • Coming soon : source code and compiled hex for the IMU as well as other example code
  • 9DOF SolderBridge Schematic v1.0
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