32 Channel IO Expander SolderBridge

For applications where a large number of general purpose inputs and outputs are required this SolderBridge Increases the available I/O massively while only taking up 3 pins of the SplashBase, two for a serial I2C link and one as an interrupt request line. Each SolderBridge has two PCA9555D and a set of jumpers to select it’s unique address on the I2C bus. Up to 4 of these Can be stacked on top of the SplashBase. Providing you with 128 addition inputs and outputs.

32Channel IO SolderBridge

32 Channel I/O Expander SolderBridge

What is a SolderBridge

It’s our name for a board that stacks on top of a SplashBase, many of them can even operate as stand-alone boards and control other SolderBridges making them very flexible tools.

Where do you get one?

From our shop : Buy Now

Technical Spec

  • Two I2C PCA9555D  SMBUS 16bit I/O
  • 5V tollerant inputs
  • 3.3V Output protected with resetable fuse
32 Channel IO Expander via I2C


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