Brighton Mini Maker Faire

We are heading to the Brighton Mini Maker Faire this Saturday ( 6th September ) Come along and say hello, play the LAByrinth and see the DipCortex’s. We can’t wait to see what the other maker are doing as well.


The DipCortex Pre-order has been massively popular and we thank you for the support you have shown! If you haven’t pre-ordered one do it now :) I think we will be shipping to every continent. While that has been happening we have been hard at work sourcing the components (battling to get them through customs) and working with our PCB assembly house on ironing out any kinks to improve the ease of production. Once I have a delivery date from them I shall let you know, I’m hoping it wont be long now!

DipCortex is now mbed enabled

SolderSplash + ARM mbed

More exciting news, ARM have added support for our DipCortex platform to their mbed online compiler.

The ARM mbed team contacted us a month ago to talk about our DipCortex range with a view to expanding the mbed platform to support it. We got them a few of our prototype DipCortex’s and today they enabled it.

The big difference between mbed and other IDEs is that the compiler is online, you use it via your browser and your projects live in the cloud. This also has the advantage of there being many library’s for existing devices that shouldn’t require too many changes to get working, if any.

DipCortex - mbed platforms

DipCortex – mbed platforms

From today mbed users can now select which platform to build their code against, build the project which downloads a .bin file. This can then be dragged and dropped on to a DipCortex in boot mode.

Our next challenge is to port the CC3000 stack we have working with LPCxpresso to mbed. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pre-Order a DipCortex Now

For the past few weeks we have been overwhelmed with interest in our DipCortex range, to satisfy this we have searched for the best UK-based assembly company with the capabilities to produce our DipCortex modules in volume. We will be placing the order with our selected manufacturer next week.


DipCortex – Pre-Order Now

To ensure that people who are most interested get them first we are operating a pre-order system. Starting today you can secure a DipCortex for just £1. You are free to pre-order multiple boards if you like as well. You will receive an email with a link to our shop as soon as the boards are ready, letting you complete the purchase for your selected DipCortex. Estimated delivery time is currently 6 weeks.

The boards will go on sale priced at :

DipCortex M0 – £18 (£19 with header pins soldered)

DipCortex M3 – £22 (£23 with header pins soldered)

WiFi DipCortex – £35 (£36 with header pins soldered)

Your £1 will be deducted from this price. Shipping will be based upon your location and international shipping will be available. In the UK we charge the standard special delivery rate or uninsured first class post.

Award Winners, MakerFaire & WiFi DipCortex Update

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy, in a good way!

On Friday our work was noticed by Smarta and O2, who in partnership award small companies for their achievements. We won their SmartBiz award, having recognition from them is a big deal for us! We are very proud of our achievement.


SolderSplash Labs – SmartBiz Winners

You can find their announcement here. Lets hope this is the first of many!

Also Brighton Mini Maker Faire have just confirmed that we have been accepted for a stand at the show in September. Where we will show off our Marble LAByrinth demo and WiFi Dipcortex, come along and say hello!

Finally, we have received a lot of interest in our WiFi DipCortex module. Both from large companies and fellow makers. The main questions are power, price and availability.

We want to get the WiFi DipCortex in your hands as soon as we can so you all can start to play with it, the next step will be a pre-order which will run for a short period of time. Once we have enough pre-orders we will press the button and get them produced. We shall announce pricing of the module once the pre-order is ready to go. Power consumption figures and more info will follow shortly.

Until then please keep submitting your interest!

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