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DipCortex, Software examples and more

A few weeks ago, Martin Kojtal contacted us about working together to create a complete library for the CC3000 on the mbed platform. One that could be used with existing mbed library’s. He assembled a small team of developers with a similar goal and this week we are ready to share it with the world. The library is fully working on the WiFi DipCortex and there are many demos available that demonstrate how you can write your own applications using the WiFi Dipcortex.

We have put together an mbed cookbook that list the demo’s and shows you how to configure them, these include TCP server/client, UDP server/client, Websocket, HTTP client and Twitter client. Specifically for the DipCortex I am putting together an example that brings them all together in a similar way to the standalone C example project I shall be sharing does. I call this my kitchen sink project.

For those of you that prefer to work in an offline IDE and get a little closer to the bare metal, I will be posting my LPCXpresso C project to GitHub in the next few days here. This example shows you how to configure the CC3000 modules and again set UDP/TCP clients and servers. It also adds in the USB CDC support so that an external serial to USB convertor is not required. You can see an earlier version of this software in my video.

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Brighton Mini Maker Faire

We are heading to the Brighton Mini Maker Faire this Saturday ( 6th September ) Come along and say hello, play the LAByrinth and see the DipCortex’s. We can’t wait to see what the other maker are doing as well.


The DipCortex Pre-order has been massively popular and we thank you for the support you have shown! If you haven’t pre-ordered one do it now :) I think we will be shipping to every continent. While that has been happening we have been hard at work sourcing the components (battling to get them through customs) and working with our PCB assembly house on ironing out any kinks to improve the ease of production. Once I have a delivery date from them I shall let you know, I’m hoping it wont be long now!

Shop, Forum and MakerFaire

Bristol_MMF_logos2013_WordPressThe Shop and Forum have gone live! Sign up to the forum and say hi so we know you exist! First to go on sale are the SplashBase and the first two SolderBridges, lots more to follow. We are updating the website content, software and the user manual for the SplashBase over the next few days and preparing an update to those that registered an interest in the SplashBase.

If you want to see the SplashBase in action and your in the UK come at see us tomorrow at the Bristol Mini Maker Faire and see if you can beat the LAByrinth. If you can’t make it tomorrow we will be at the main UK Maker Faire in Newcastle next month.


While we are building SplashBases to begin to sell we have been invited to attend a few shows. We wanted to make something fun to take along that promotes making things and shows what you can do with our development boards or others.

So Rob had a brainwave and came up with a Marble Labyrinth. Aim of the game is to get the marble to the end, avoiding the holes. Now this is an old game, no point re-inventing the wheel, so with ours you have to complete it without touching it! So how do you control it, with network connected servos! Rob dusted off his AutoCad skills and drew it up, sent it off for laser cutting and the jigsaw arrived a few days later.

Using a SplashBase and our prototype Servo SolderBridge we have control over the LAByrith using an iPhone or PC. For the show the user will then operate the LAByrith with one of our 9DOF SolderBridges sensing the movement using it’s accelerometers and gyro. Our goal is to build 2 of these and then have head to head races to see who can complete the LAByrith in the quickest time. Through out the maze is also a series of optical switches which can let us know when a ball passes by, we may use this to add an extra dimension to the game like shaking your opponent if you get to the gate first!

Our first show will be at Geek 2013 in Margate we shall be there on the Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th Feb. Come along and Say Hi! Following that we hope to attend the Newcastle UK MakerFaire.

Update : Our Newcastle Makerfaire submission has been accepted!

SplashBase Development Kit

We kicked off SolderSplash Labs as a hobby at the start of the year with a blog to talk about it, the last few months we decided to get a bit more serious. We’ve incorporated and become a limited company, have a bank account sorted, invested in component stock for a small batch and purchased a large reflow oven.

But most importantly we’ve taken the feedback from the enquiries we had about the SplashLight and created an expandable development board by splitting it in two. The SplashBase is now an expandable network connected platform which we can build upon with various add-ons, called SolderBridges. The four relays now become our first SolderBridge to plug-in to the SolderBase.

SplashBase Development Board with SolderBridge

SplashBase Development Board with SolderBridge

Our First prototype SplashBase and Relay SolderBridge works well and we are ready to start building them. Our plan was initially to open an eCommerce site and start selling them one by one. But then Kickstarter finally announced their UK launch and we decided to go for it! Getting on to Kickstarter, we believe, will give us the required boost to start this business. Producing a batch of PCBs and not a few at a time is a lot more cost efficient, it will give us the needed cash flow for large volume component purchasing and help us spread out the cost of tooling for production.

Our project page and video is in the KickStarter queue and we are constantly checking our email for the go ahead. As soon as that comes in I hope you will all be there to support us!

SplashBase Project Page

Edit : Our Kickstarter is now live, click here

SplashLight RGB Control Video

A quick demo video of the SplashLight development board controlling some RGB Ikea Dioders over the network. The PC application is written in C#, the SplashLight Controller is automatically located on the network and control messages are sent using UDP.

It’s my first YouTube video! I’m not a fan of my own voice so almost didn’t post it, Please be kind! :) In the next video I’ll show the relays being controlled with the android app.

SplashPixel – The Boards Are Here!

Our SplashPixel boards arrived on Thursday from our good friends at Seeed, and look exactly like our Sketchup model! Being Alpha PCBs they have one or 2 small issues to work out. Currently I am working on a frame buffer for the SplashLight to control a chain of SplashPixels. Expect a post about that soon!

SplashPixel – 16x RGB LED Tile

While I’m working on the SplashLight, Robs been cracking on with our next product. This time we have a name decided up front, were calling it the SplashPixel. The SplashPixel has 16 RGB LEDs, each is capable of 30mA and is driven using a  TI TLC5947 on a SPI bus. Unlike other matrix LED panel designs all 16 LEDs are independently controllable and can be on at the same time, giving you a higher possible brightness.

We have designed the SplashPixel with easy expansion in mind. Our goals are to make it quick to set-up multiple SplashPixels and reduce the wiring needed to do it. Using edge connectors you can attach a number of them together to form a larger surface. Each board has its own switch mode power supply, this means we can supply a network of SplashPixels with a higher voltage and lower current.

The boards are on order from our friends in China, it’s going to be a fun Christmas!

Hello My Name Is SplashLight

After much indecision about what to call our : Network connected home automation device that lets you control ‘things’ from your iPhone/Android/PC and select RGB colour patterns. We have finally picked a name!! Cue loud music, fanfare and fireworks …

My Name is SplashLight

It’s name is SplashLight, so what do you think? like it? hate it?

Expect lots more updates about our SplashLight board very soon! At this very moment I have it running a set of ikea dioder RGB led strips in my office and it’s looks amazing!

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