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Hello My Name Is SplashLight

After much indecision about what to call our : Network connected home automation device that lets you control ‘things’ from your iPhone/Android/PC and select RGB colour patterns. We have finally picked a name!! Cue loud music, fanfare and fireworks …

My Name is SplashLight

It’s name is SplashLight, so what do you think? like it? hate it?

Expect lots more updates about our SplashLight board very soon! At this very moment I have it running a set of ikea dioder RGB led strips in my office and it’s looks amazing!

Where do we begin

To kick off our new ‘hobby’ Rob and I have chosen to make something we need, in the hope that someone out there might find it useful. Rob has just done some work on his garden and has fitted some deck lighting and a pond fountain. He was talking about buying a wireless relay controller so he could sit in the garden and turn things on/off. When we had the idea, how about making his phone the controller, since he always has it on him.

We have both used a few Different ARM processors in the past and I have had them running TCP/IP Stacks like lwip and uip without too much hassle. I’ve also dabbled in some iPhone and Android development so knocking up something to control it should be simple.

Since were hooking up a network controllable board to a phone I thought it would be a nice feature to include a IRDA port to allow it to learn and send IR Codes. Turn your phone into a remote!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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