DipCortex, Software examples and more

A few weeks ago, Martin Kojtal contacted us about working together to create a complete library for the CC3000 on the mbed platform. One that could be used with existing mbed library’s. He assembled a small team of developers with a similar goal and this week we are ready to share it with the world. The library is fully working on the WiFi DipCortex and there are many demos available that demonstrate how you can write your own applications using the WiFi Dipcortex.

We have put together an mbed cookbook that list the demo’s and shows you how to configure them, these include TCP server/client, UDP server/client, Websocket, HTTP client and Twitter client. Specifically for the DipCortex I am putting together an example that brings them all together in a similar way to the standalone C example project I shall be sharing does. I call this my kitchen sink project.

For those of you that prefer to work in an offline IDE and get a little closer to the bare metal, I will be posting my LPCXpresso C project to GitHub in the next few days here. This example shows you how to configure the CC3000 modules and again set UDP/TCP clients and servers. It also adds in the USB CDC support so that an external serial to USB convertor is not required. You can see an earlier version of this software in my video.

On the hardware side to aid integrating a DipCortex into your own hardware we have also added an Eagle library with the pinout of the DipCortex.

The not so good news is about actually getting the boards in to your hands. Our assembly house has let us down, they in turn were let down by their Chinese PCB supplier who has delayed the PCB delivery. It then got delayed even further due to the Chinese week-long national holiday. I have expressed my disappointment to them and they are working as hard as they can to get us the boards we are so desperate for. So I must apologise to the people who have pre-ordered for the long wait, which has been far longer than I had originally planned, I really do hate to let you all down.

When they do arrive we have test software and a test rig to automatically test every external pin and to exercise the WiFi module, so if everything goes to plan they should quickly be turned around and I can start the shipping process.

On that note, although we have had many pre-orders, we have enough in the first batch to cover them. We shall send out emails in date order allowing those of you that have pre-ordered to secure the quantity you have pre-ordered. If you would like more than that you will be given the chance once all of the pre-orders have been fulfilled, we can withhold shipment if you like so that the orders can be combined.

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