SplashBase First Batch Update

After many late nights of pasting PCBs, tweezing (tweezering?) components and reflow ovening, we are getting close to completing the batch and making them available. Before putting them up for sale we want to 100% test each board’s hardware. In production the goal of a test rig is to exercise each part of the hardware at least once, to do this we will be making an automated test rig, possibly using our 32 Channel IO Expander SolderBridge, looping back all of it’s IO on to the stacking connector. Next week we will also complete a small batch of Relay SolderBridges.

SplashBase In Production

Building this lot has been a huge amount of work, if they sell well we have a quote for getting them produced by an assembly partner, freeing us up to get the other SolderBridges into production.

You might have also noticed the website has changed a little, expect more of that once we enable the shop.

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