While we are building SplashBases to begin to sell we have been invited to attend a few shows. We wanted to make something fun to take along that promotes making things and shows what you can do with our development boards or others.

So Rob had a brainwave and came up with a Marble Labyrinth. Aim of the game is to get the marble to the end, avoiding the holes. Now this is an old game, no point re-inventing the wheel, so with ours you have to complete it without touching it! So how do you control it, with network connected servos! Rob dusted off his AutoCad skills and drew it up, sent it off for laser cutting and the jigsaw arrived a few days later.

Using a SplashBase and our prototype Servo SolderBridge we have control over the LAByrith using an iPhone or PC. For the show the user will then operate the LAByrith with one of our 9DOF SolderBridges sensing the movement using it’s accelerometers and gyro. Our goal is to build 2 of these and then have head to head races to see who can complete the LAByrith in the quickest time. Through out the maze is also a series of optical switches which can let us know when a ball passes by, we may use this to add an extra dimension to the game like shaking your opponent if you get to the gate first!

Our first show will be at Geek 2013 in Margate we shall be there on the Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th Feb. Come along and Say Hi! Following that we hope to attend the Newcastle UK MakerFaire.

Update : Our Newcastle Makerfaire submission has been accepted!



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    […] your in the UK come at see us tomorrow at the Bristol Mini Maker Faire and see if you can beat the LAByrinth. If you can’t make it tomorrow we will be at the main UK Maker Faire in Newcastle next […]

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    […] to the Brighton Mini Maker Faire this Saturday ( 6th September ) Come along and say hello, play the LAByrinth and see the DipCortex’s. We can’t wait to see what the other maker are doing as […]

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