Meet the New SolderBridges

PCBs for Six new prototype SolderBridges arrived on Friday, thanks to our friends at Quartz TSL for the quick turnaround. Robs soldering skills have been put to the test soldering tiny Gyro’s and Barometers on to our IMU SolderBridge. This week we start testing and setting to work each board.


The first SolderBridge, DMX512, is working and on button press sends out DMX512 data. USB CDC is functioning sending and receiving serial data to the PC. As is the built in boot loader on all the SolderBridges we’ve powered up. Almost all the new SolderBridge have their own small ARM cortex M0 and can be used standalone, with other SolderBridges or on top of SplashBase for network connectivity/control.

Here are the six new SolderBridges :

More updates to follow. Interested in any of them, want more info? Drop us a comment to a tweet!

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IMU SolderBridge
32Channel IO SolderBridge
32Channel IO SolderBridge

24 Channel Servo SolderBridge

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  1. Paul Mousley March 5, 2014 at 5:16 pm #

    Hi Carl and Rob many thanks to you for mentioning Quartz tsl for the fast PCB manufacture.

    If you need anything else don’t hesitate to call us

    Cheers Paul Mousley from Quartz tsl

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