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Moving Offices and Holiday

Over the last few years of running SolderSplash we have worked on it in our spare time while working full time as employees at another company. Rob and I have decided to make a big change, from the 1st of September we have set up CircuitByte together with the goal of selling our time and skill to help others create electronic products. This means we get to spend more time on SolderSplash in between working for clients at CircuitByte.

CircuitByte Offices

So during the next two weeks from the 1st September until the 15th we are moving offices and taking a short break. Outstanding orders will be shipped from the Sep 15th (or sooner if we are able)

Thank you for supporting us during this change, exciting times to follow!

Interactive Christmas Tree – DipCortex + WS2812B

It being almost Christmas I decided to decorate the family tree with some RGB LEDs but I wanted a bit more fun for myself and my two-year old daughter. So I used addressable RGB LED strip driven with a DipCortex. Which lets us set any LED on the strip to any colour.

To provide some interactivity I added a set of Red,Green and Blue arcade buttons. I set them up so my daughter can walk up to the tree and set off a colour, or mix of colours, spinning up the tree. Which as well as entertaining has been fun watching her mix the colours and shout out their names.


Huge box for the huge buttons and the tiny DipCortex

Normally controlling a large number of LEDs requires a number of LED driver chips and lots of control lines, The strips I am using on the tree have 360 LEDs and this is all controlled via one port pin. The LEDs themselves are also very tightly packed on to the strip and this is possible because the LED driver has been embedded in to the silicon of the LED. So you end up with a small four pin device that uses two pins for power, one for communication in and the last for communication out.

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WiFi DipCortex Sold Out

As most of you have realised the Wifi DipCortex has sold out! We are busy organising the next production run, components are on order hopefully production will begin just before Christmas. With the aim of them being available for sale in January. If you want to make sure you get your hands on one please let us know via the out of stock form. As soon as they go on sale you will be notified first.

Also from the 23rd of December to the 3rd of Jan orders may be delayed while we enjoy Christmas with our families. We will endeavor to ship any orders received during this period as soon as we can.

Thank you again for your support.